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I am Chrissy. Becoming a mom. That's when I got the urge to document and create. About a year and a half into motherhood, I stumbled upon a Creating Keepsakes magazine and saw a layout about a little boy named, Simon, which happens to be my son's name, so I was immediately attracted to this page. The rest is history.


My husband is a travel nurse, so we've been skipping about the country, spending time in different cities{mostly Phoenix} for about two years. We've enjoyed showing our boys, Simon and Felix, that there is more to this world than our itty bitty hometown. That said, our travel nursing career is coming to a close with the onset of school for both my husband and oldest.


A few months ago, I met Jill through a website that I am part of called Unpubbed. She was one of our sponsors and we quickly became friends. I was ecstatic to say the least when she asked me to help her start a design team for her website. I can't wait to see where this endeavor takes me personally, and as part of something bigger, the Memorable Seasons Design Team.


Design Team Members:



Hi everyone! I'm Jen and I'm a happily married, SAHM to 5 boys. (Yes, FIVE!) My oldest will be 16 and driving this year while my baby is one and just learning to walk. As you can imagine we have quite a lot going on in our home. ;) When I'm not busy with laundry, running kids to activities, cooking and cleaning, I am definitely scrapbooking. It is my passion to create. It's been about 10 years since I made my very first page and I've been hooked ever since. As long as I can remember I have always loved paper. Even as a school girl, I loved that feeling when you open a brand new notebook and get to write that first line. I get just as excited now with a blank piece of cardstock. ;) I am honored to be a part of Memorable Seasons design team and look forward to sharing my art with everyone. I can't wait to inspire and be inspired by all of you!



Hi, my name is Jude. I am a mom to three boys, which means I clean the bathroom a lot, and say things like "Stop wiping your boogers on   your brother" entirely too much. When I am not managing the domestic chaos I call home, I love to scrapbook. I have come to love the preservation of everyday life; hence a lot of my work involves the aforementioned wild boys and their couch jumping, dirt throwing, and roof climbing adventures. I am giddily in love with my husband, Micah. He is extremely blessed with the gift of patience, as I am with the gift of stubbornness… it is a nice combo, really. I am pretty jazzed about being on the Memorable Seasons DT, I am just really bad at writing Bios… hopefully my work in the gallery will redeem me… : Really, Jill has a great store and Message Board, so come join us, good times will ensue,    I promise.  (note from Jill...Jude also does our amazing monthly newsletter!!)



Hello, my name is Detta. I have been married for over 30 years to Curtis who is a wonderfully silly man who makes me laugh every day.     Together, we survived the years of hormonal upheaval, heartaches, and driver’s education. Yes, we have two grown daughters who, at 21        and 26, are delightfully entertaining young women that we are very proud of and keep our lives from getting too boring! All those lines around    my eyes can attest to the many years of smiling and laughing we have done. Our baby, Allison is a senior at the University of Texas and plans to teach high school biology after she graduates this May. Our oldest daughter, Karen, is an accounting manager at a small company and is the mother of 5 year old Seth, our grandson. I didn’t start scrapping until Karen was a senior in high school, so I will always be behind. Those of you who worry about catching up can just chill out. If you looked at my scrapbooks, you would think they were born teenagers! I also have a very large extended family that includes 6 brothers and sisters and lots of nieces and nephews so I never run out of family or events to document. I am enjoying my empty nest and all the extra time I now have to scrap and hang out on message boards like Memorable Seasons. I am looking forward to sharing my observations on life and memories with you.